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In All Jest Series Book 3

What happens to Lani, Tillandra, Goran and the Jesters Court, as Karpenmor and Uksod gain more control?

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about De KING

My Author name happens to relate nicely to the Fantasy genre that I write in. KingDarryl (this site) is the home for all my fiction as D.E. King.

It was too good a domain name to give up and after playing around with etc. I felt this domain better fitted with the genre and theme of my fictional worlds. Like the in-game line from Age of Empires “It’s good to be the king”, the fantasy novels, movies and games that have captured people’s attention across the ages often feature Kings (and Queens).

I hope that you will enjoy my novels, that are crafted with love and care in Coolum, Australia.

illustration of a sword stuck in the ground, and a shield leaning against it

Epic Fantasy Adventure: Explore ‘In All Jest’

Are you a fan of fantasy books? In this epic fantasy series we follow Lani into a world where centuries-old secrets threaten to unravel. What starts out as an accidental meeting turns into a life and death mission as Lani is forced to learn how to survive.

Be transported into the enchanting realm of Scurra by D.E. King, author of the ‘In All Jest’ series. Read the entire epic fantasy series now, start with book 1 ‘A Fool’s Errand’, then follow the journey with ‘Fool Me Twice’ and ‘Spire Of Fools’.

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