D.E. King Fantasy Author

Epic Fantasy has been one of my favourite genres since I was young, coupled with spy novels and thrillers the worlds and magic that makes up a great Epic Fantasy is what I love most in the fiction I choose to read.

For more than ten years a yellowed plot outline has lived in cupboards and boxes that followed me wherever I moved, a story I wanted to write but somehow never sat to finish. In 2016 a new story pulled at my subconscious and revolved around a character that I have always enjoyed, the Jester.

Progressively the beginnings of the story took shape and my journey to write fiction properly began. The story now is a grand series, in my head and some on paper, and I am learning every day about how to bring it to life and how to share it with others.

Sometimes with so much technology that all seems quite magical allowing us to do so many things that were infinitely harder or basically impossible not so long ago, I wonder whether Fantasy is the world we actually live in, filled with a magic that we accept as commonplace.

photo of Darryl King
Illustration of jester dancing and holding a scepter in the shape of a jester in his right hand

My fiction author name happens to relate nicely to the Fantasy genre that I write in. KingDarryl (this site) is the home for all my fiction as D.E. King.

It was too good a domain name to give up and after playing around with dekingauthor.com etc. I felt this domain better fitted with the genre and theme of my fictional worlds. Like the in-game line from Age of Empires “It’s good to be the king”, the fantasy novels, movies and games that have captured people’s attention across the ages often feature Kings (and Queens).

I hope that you will enjoy my novels, that are crafted with love and care in Brisbane, Australia.