Author’s Log 0502.21

I’ve had a busy month working on the manuscript for Fool Me Twice.

I have completed 72% of it so far and averaging around 3,000 words a day. The goal is to complete it by the end of this month, February. It will take a significant effort to get there, but I am still hopeful. 

It has certainly developed in ways I wasn’t anticipating when I started, and I enjoy this stage of the writing process where completely new ideas spring to life. 

Even having an outline (of sorts) there is still so much that appears on the page as you write the scenes, it still amazes me to see it happen.

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Key Work of Late:

  • Working on the first draft of Fool Me Twice
  • Narrating more chapters from A Fool’s Errand in the podcast
  • Working on the expanded map for Fool Me Twice
  • Planning the word guide for the books.