Author’s Log 0503.21

I am very close to completing the first draft of Fool Me Twice, Book 2 in the In All Jest series. Currently I have done 94% of it, with plenty of ups and downs trying to get to the finish line.

I didn’t make it in time for my idealy deadline of Feb 28, but it is almost there and I’ll just keep plugging along.

The new map is comign along nicely for book 2, which will have more detail on it for Dharatan as well as showing all of Enderk. We also have an exciting new map development underway which I will share in my newsletter first.

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Key Work of Late:

  • Working on the first draft of Fool Me Twice
  • Narrating more chapters from A Fool’s Errand in the podcast
  • Completing the expanded map for Fool Me Twice
  • Planning the word guide for the books.