Author’s Log 0602.24

A february 24 update on my writing journey

Spire Of Fools has been completed and is going through the final elements in getting it published.

The last proofing came back to me last week and has already been processed. We’re waiting on the latest updates to the map, and then we’ll load the interactive map ready for publication day, Feb 21, 2024.

In the end I took out about 50,000 words, which makes the book more manageable all round. As noted in a recent newsletter the goal will be to produce smaller books for the rest of the series to make it easier to turn them around quicker.

It will mean a slightly different approach to delivering the story by not having as many points of view in each book.

Over the next few days we’ll be able to get the first paperback printed so I can review that as well. We’ll release the paperback in the weeks following the ebook launch, all dependent on print and shipping times.

Key work of late:

  • Finishing the editing of the manuscript
  • Reviewing editor feedback and making any alterations
  • Submitting manuscript to proof reader
  • Making final proofing changes
  • Commencing publishing process
  • Reviewing ebook format on different devices
  • Writing something completely different and preparing for Book A in the series, Cut in Half