Author’s Log 0807.20

It’s been a hectic time of late. A lot of fun as well.

Since my last note I became fully immersed in book 2 and was making some good progress. I knew that would end when the manuscript for A Fool’s Errand came back from my editor but it was actually really helpful to get me back into the world addressing new challenges and topics.

I received the manuscript back and I think I handled it well. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor, his process and delivery was so good for me. As this was the first time through this for a fiction novel it was quite a different process for me and I’ve enjoyed it completely.

Me being me I created a spreadsheet of everything he raised, grouped it by Character/Item or Setting and then reviewed each, adding in solutions or answers so I could address them all logically.

I’ll talk more about this in an episode of the podcast. Wait, what? Yes that’s right I’m releasing a new podcast about this series and my writing journey.

After my review and work we met again and discussed what I proposed to work on and now it’s head down working through the whole manuscript.

I’m on a tight schedule and putting myself under pressure to get the book delivered when i want.

Key Work of Late:

  • Writing more of Book 2, and loving the new scenes
  • Deciding on the new cover and title for it.
  • Getting my manuscript back
  • Creating a work list of fixes, discussing with my editor
  • Working on the manuscript of Book 1 for the final write
  • Oh yeah setting up the new In All Jest Podcast – stay tune… see what I did there