A float in a sea of fantasy

Author’s Log 1009.21

I have been very negligent in writing these posts over the last few months. I could use the excuse head down arse up but that’s an excuse. I’ve not put it in my calendar and a busy year has meant I’ve simply forgotten.

So I make amends with this update.

The first draft is well and truly finished, the first edit has been completed, and I am over half way through the second edit.

The additional size in this manuscript has really caught me out timewise. E.g. there’s an additional 70 or so chapters. If it takes 30 mins per chapter to work on it (just an example) that’s 35 hours. I get around 7-10 hours per week to work on my writing so just these additional chapters is another 3-4 weeks work for each stage.

I have a deadline with my editor for the end of this month (September) and based on his timeline, the work I’ll do after that, my proof reader’s timeline and then final pre-publication work it’s going to be 2022 when we publish Fool Me Twice. I’ll be announcing the date shortly.

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Key Work of Late:

  • Finished the first draft of Fool Me Twice
  • Onto 2nd edit of the manuscript.
  • Put the podcast on hold – I simply don’t have capacity for it based on some other projects in my business life
  • Planning the word guide for the books.