Author’s Log 2402.19

Major advances in settling key issues around my protagonist and her story line have been made in the previous weeks, as part of edit 2. This was significant but slow moving.

It has taken me a lot more time to get my head around resolving key issues in fiction, verse my non-fiction. I have been enjoying learning every week on how best to attack the issues, and instead of writing, editing, writing, editing and never getting pleased with the work, taking time to understand what it is that’s wrong with a certain scene or arc is making it much easier to resolve.

I bounce between Robert Mckee’s Story, John Truby’s Anatomy of a story and Shaun Coyne’s Story Grid as my tools of choice in resolving the story elements. Time will tell if it has worked.

Key work of late:

  • outlining missing scenes required for antagonists story
  • researching elements relating to antagonists story lines
  • adding depth to key placements in world affecting book 1 and 2
  • editing scene chronology and placement