Author’s Log 1406.19

At times it feels like I am back at the very beginning writing the first few scenes, and the end of the tunnel is not even imaginable let alone finding any light there.

The editing and structural fixes, require lots of time resolving world building elements, and components needed in the later books, that I find myself seemingly editing two paragraphs of real words and the rest all background work or research.

After such a lengthy process there are moments where the temptation would be to either just stop all together, although that’s not really my nature, or to rush it out.

The goal with this work is to make it as solid a story as I am capable of at this stage in my writing. That doesn’t mean never bringing it to conclusion by always editing and re-editing, but it does mean working through the story structure and making it as coherent and enjoyable as I can.

Key Work of late:

  • Editing scenes
  • Finalising key parts of the critical elements in my story, such as the key groups in my world, what they are all pushing for, where they come from etc. While each had a skeleton that helped draft the story, the polish is coming from refining those items and my key characters.
  • Adding more world building content to my encyclopedia of my world


  1. Yes, apparently there is a book in all of us but a writers life is not always easy, nor is it for everyone. At least you are doing something even when you feel like you’re back at the beginning. Some of us spend more time procrastinating than actually doing what needs to be done. I know you will stick with it and I look forward to reading the end result.

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