fantasy archetypes including a knight, wizard, elg and others

What is a Fantasy Archetype? Defining Characters and Their Journeys

In the world of literature, archetypes are elemental figures or symbols that recur throughout stories,…

By D.E. King May 30, 2024

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Male Fantasy Author at computer envisioning their fantasy world

Authors Log 2005.24

About 1 week from finishing the first draft of Cut In Half, Book A in…

By D.E. King May 20, 2024

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full guide to epic fantasy series

A Full Guide for Beginner’s to Epic Fantasy Series

If you are looking for your next epic fantasy series to dive into, or just…

By D.E. King May 10, 2024

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Mountain scene fantasy style

Author’s Log 1204.24

Spire of Fool’s was published in February which was followed by a short break.

By D.E. King April 12, 2024

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fantasy walkway over a waterfall

Comparing Epic Fantasy vs. High Fantasy

What’s the difference between Epic Fantasy and High Fantasy?

By D.E. King April 2, 2024

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hand holding glass ball in forest

A Guide to 8 Fantasy Subgenres: Exploring the Enchanting Realms

Explore the 8 fantsy subgenres and how they came into existence.

By D.E. King March 14, 2024

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view inside a large library

Want to read my books for free?

For many people books are not part of their day-to-day budget and so they miss…

By D.E. King February 23, 2024

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Man picking a book in a library

How do Authors benefit from PLR?

If you want to get a book for free this is how.

By D.E. King February 9, 2024

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Author’s Log 0602.24

A february 24 update on my writing journey

By D.E. King February 6, 2024

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Misty view with tower

Author’s Log 2411.23

A quick summary about what’s been happening in November.

By D.E. King November 24, 2023

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Midderbuilt Illustration

Cover Reveal Spire Of Fools

It’s time to release the cover for Book 3 in the In All Jest series,…

By D.E. King October 20, 2023

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World Building in a wiki

Wiki time is better than waiting time.

In my view, there’s no worse time than the period between sending off a manuscript…

By D.E. King September 15, 2023

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