illustration of a fantasy landscape with a forest and a river gorge in the distance

Author’s Log 2607.19

The last month has been a busy one in matters unrelated to my fiction writing,…

By D.E. King July 26, 2019

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Author’s Log 1406.19

At times it feels like I am back at the very beginning writing the first…

By D.E. King June 14, 2019

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Author’s Log 2203.19

Back in the words, and loving it. Currently working through scenes I identified in my…

By D.E. King March 22, 2019

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Author’s Log 0803.19

I had quite a major breakthrough this week which has seen me get back to…

By D.E. King March 8, 2019

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Misty view with tower

Author’s Log 2402.19

Major advances in settling key issues around my protagonist and her story line have been…

By D.E. King February 24, 2019

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Final Stages of Book 1 – A Fool’s Errand

This update is exciting for me because (a) I’ve hit an important milestone with the…

By D.E. King October 5, 2018

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How one book became two

The entire process of writing fiction has been quite different to my non-fiction writing, as…

By D.E. King August 31, 2018

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Building the world

World building is important to any fiction novel. In it’s simplest it is just setting…

By D.E. King August 24, 2018

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A float in a sea of fantasy

Why Epic Fantasy?

I love many genres of fiction, but Epic Fantasy has always been one close to…

By D.E. King April 27, 2018

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illustration o f a fantasy landscape with a castle on a hill against the backdrop of a mountain reaching into the clouds

Why King Darryl?

When I set out on my author journey I had little idea about who I…

By D.E. King November 11, 2017

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