The In All Jest Series

No one knows the past

not even the secret society of Jesters who covertly maintain stability in Dharatan.

The In All Jest series begins on the continent of Dharatan, midland in the world of Scurra.

A powerful amulet surfaces after 800 years and one of the Jesters steals it before it falls into dangerous hands, setting off a chain of events that will change the way their world is forever.

Fool Me Twice In All Jest Book 2


Everything has changed for Lani. What began as one objective has been flipped on its head. Her life will never return to normal and her search to learn more about her family continues.

Fool Me Twice Book Cover small

A FOOL’S ERRAND In All Jest Book 1

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In an isolated cavern, outside the small northern city of Barnen, a Jester lies dying. Lani, a young woman seeking shelter away from trouble in the city, stumbles on him in his final moments.