Book 2


Book 2 in the In All Jest Series.

Everything has changed for Lani. What began as one objective has been flipped on its head. Her life will never return to normal and her search to learn more about her family continues.

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It's All Fun and Games

until somebody Kills The Jester

Jesters should be seen and heard only at the behest of their patrons, be they kings or the very nobles who feel the employment of such a person will lift their station. They confront and entertain often the target of their mirth, in fact, is the very people who pay their wages.

Where do Jesters go when they aren't employed, do they become part of the travelling circuses, entertainers or bards? If they aren't in disguise or in their role how would you know who they are?

What then of a Jester unknown to common folk, who turns up dead in possession of a piece of evil not seen before in the lands of Dharatan. Discovered by a lone thief escaping her own terrors, the discovery unravels the very fabric of her world and forces her to make decisions that days before were the furthest thing from her mind.

Is this an opportunity of a lifetime or something she should turn from and flee?

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Book 2 in the In All Jest Series is well and truly underway and now that we've been through the seqeunce of publishing once, I hope this book in the series will follow a straighter path.