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Fool Me Twice Book Cover Medium

Fool Me Twice

In All Jest, Book 2

Out Now

As the Occultation continues to unravel over Dharatan, the long term peace manipulated by the Jesters is threatened, even more so with the appearance of a second amulet.

Recovering from the fight that nearly cost Lani her life, she faces a difficult choice. Can she put the lies of the Jesters behind her and seek out Mother Folly, or will the pull of the amber stone win out?

Back from Midderbuilt with more questions than answers, Tillandra receives a new vision, promising the knowledge she seeks. Traveling to the coastal city of Okeans her journey takes an unexpected turn and becomes anything but simple.

Across the Stepping Isles, the young prince Karpenmor begins to take steps to reclaim his father’s amulet and claim his birthright.

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