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Spire of fools book cover with a sandstorm spire in the background and an amber ring sitting prominently at the bottom

Spire of Fools

In All Jest, Book 3

Out Now

In a realm where a domineering priest once controlled his every move, Prince Karpenmor now stands free, ready to redefine his purpose and identity. Compelled to face the shadows of his past, his quest leads him to a discovery about a lost city and an unexpected desire for revenge. Karpenmor closes in on the deceptions his Regent has maintained for decades, unwittingly threatening his own position in his desperation.

Meanwhile on Dhartan, the Jesters are confronted with changes that force radical action from Mother Folly. As Lani’s unique skills offer them assistance, a selfish decision by Odajeen puts everything at risk.

More amulets break free, causing friction amongst realms and emboldening their enemy. Limited in number, the members of the court must become more than entertainers and hidden spies.

Now hunting the objects that threaten the source of their power, they must each bring their unique capabilities to the fore to avoid the deadly danger confronting them.

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