Author’s Log 1303.23

This year I am very happy with the speed of the updates to the manuscript. While you can’t be sure how long it will take with each review and new chapter written, you have a good sense if it’s flowing or not.

Currently, I’m in the second half of the manuscript and on all new content. My previous review of the first half is complete and the adjustments made have made me very happy with where the book is heading.

I’ve been able to improve the lot of several characters that weren’t going to get much time on show. I am looking forward to the next batch of chapters as I need to start bringing the climax of this book into focus.

Key work of late: 

  • finshed review of first half
  • writing second half of the manuscript

Author’s Log 0511.22

Progress on Book 3 is going steadily albeit slower than I would like. Not slower because of any issues in the story but the change in the writing process, then the interruption of momentum while we went on holiday and then moved set me back on my timeline.
I’ve revisited the first half of the manuscript and am working through a partial edit of it now so that I’m fully back in the story and the world after that hiatus.
I’m happy with how things are working, just not the pace of it. I’ve been asked alot of questions from readers of Fool Me Twice now that they can see the story unfolding and the world more exposed, but of course, there’s no spoilers to be had.

Key Work of Late:

  • Writing Book 3

Author’s Log 2207.02

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, but Book 3 is progressing nicely.

The launch of Fool Me Twice on April 1 went well, and as expected it also encouraged sales of A Fool’s Errand as well. The interactive map was missing a few end chapters, not quite sure what happened to that so we re-entered the data, and that’s working better now. Have you seen the interactive map?

I’ll have the same ready for A Fool’s Errand in the coming month.
It’s also time to tidy up this site, there’s some navigation fixes I want to make and some ways to make it easier to find things, including the world information.

Book 3 is a completely different approach for me, with me still having not decided on a name for it or having a book cover yet. Usually I have those two things set early and use them as motivation, not that I need any this time around. I have a solid idea of what the cover will look like but the name is still not locked in. I’m not liking the working name I am using so need to spend some more time on it.

Having changed to using a plot model for the overall structure I’m very happy with how that’s worked out. It took some effort to pull it together, being the first time I’d used this method, but now it’s much easier to write chapters, as I don’t need to spend any time lining up plot sequences etc.

Key Work of Late:

  • Writing Book 3
  • Signing and selling personalised copies