Author’s Log 0502.21

I’ve had a busy month working on the manuscript for Fool Me Twice.

I have completed 72% of it so far and averaging around 3,000 words a day. The goal is to complete it by the end of this month, February. It will take a significant effort to get there, but I am still hopeful. 

It has certainly developed in ways I wasn’t anticipating when I started, and I enjoy this stage of the writing process where completely new ideas spring to life. 

Even having an outline (of sorts) there is still so much that appears on the page as you write the scenes, it still amazes me to see it happen.

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Key Work of Late:

  • Working on the first draft of Fool Me Twice
  • Narrating more chapters from A Fool’s Errand in the podcast
  • Working on the expanded map for Fool Me Twice
  • Planning the word guide for the books.

Author’s Log 2101.21

I hope everyone had a great break at the end of last year, and that all the positive energy typically seen around a new year translates to better years for everyone.

I had a break from my day job over our summer, allowing me time to  reflect on the year ahead and spend more time writing Fool Me Twice (Book 2 in the In All Jest series).

Everything always takes longer than expected but so far I can see the first draft finished by the end of February with a tentative release date of August, 2021.

This week I will be back on the podcast with a more detailed updated as well as more chapters read by me.

In Brisbane, two large bookstores have A Fool’s Errand on their shelves which was a very special moment for me to see my paperback alongside other fantasy authors, like Raymon Feist, George RR Martin and Robert Jordan to name a few.

The reviews keep coming in and I am so pleased people are enjoying the book.

Key Work of Late:

  • Resting up and topping up my creative well
  • Writing the first draft of Fool Me Twice
  • Planning the marketing efforts for this year

Author’s Log 2011.20

It’s been a hectic month of handling the sales since publication day. Our wrapped and sealed copies of the book have continued to go well. 

It has been humbling to read the reviews coming in for A Fool’s Errand from readers around the world. Knowing that others have loved the story I created makes me happy and helps transition to complete book 2.

I have started talking to bookstores and getting the novel stocked in physical stores, initially here in Brisbane, but will continue working on that, as well as libraries. 

It is available through Ingrams around the world so libraries and bookstores can source it, ask them if you want to get your copy through your favourite store.

I finished updating the world wiki and am working on the outline of book 2, Fool Me Twice. 

Key Work of Late:

  • Restarting the In All Jest Podcast
  • Reviewing the outline of Fool Me Twice
  • Getting a sample print of the cover design for Fool Me Twice – I’m in love