Author’s Log 2011.20

It’s been a hectic month of handling the sales since publication day. Our wrapped and sealed copies of the book have continued to go well. 

It has been humbling to read the reviews coming in for A Fool’s Errand from readers around the world. Knowing that others have loved the story I created makes me happy and helps transition to complete book 2.

I have started talking to bookstores and getting the novel stocked in physical stores, initially here in Brisbane, but will continue working on that, as well as libraries. 

It is available through Ingrams around the world so libraries and bookstores can source it, ask them if you want to get your copy through your favourite store.

I finished updating the world wiki and am working on the outline of book 2, Fool Me Twice. 

Key Work of Late:

  • Restarting the In All Jest Podcast
  • Reviewing the outline of Fool Me Twice
  • Getting a sample print of the cover design for Fool Me Twice – I’m in love

Author’s Log 3110.20

It’s been a couple of weeks now since launch day. I’m still coming to terms with now having my debut novel published, being read and my first review came in yesterday.

Getting reviews of the book from people you don’t know makes all the difference. It’s the reason I want to write, to share my stories with others.

I thought this review from Glenys is pretty special>

I have been pretty humbled by the number of signed paperbacks that I’ve sold. I wrap them in brown paper ,and wax seal them before writing on the paper, as if it was addressed inside the world of the book.

Sealing the signed paperback with wax

We’ve had to stock up on more and now the orders for signed hardbacks are coming in as well.

I’ve been asked by those that have read the boo when will book 2, Fool Me Twice, be out. 2021 is the official answer. The book is already 50% written.

Right now I am finishing off updating the wiki to make sure it’s 100% up to date with the final version of A Fool’s Errand, before I concentrate on finishing Fool Me Twice. I am as in love with that cover as I am with A Fool’s Errand.

Key Work of Late:

  • Finalisng the Hardback version
  • Wrapping, wax sealing and posting the signed paperbacks
  • Recording a new podcast episode
  • Updating the wiki

Author’s Log 0210.20

A Fool’s Errand is now officially on pre-order. My debut Epic Fantasy novel is finally ready to be read, and as of October 16, 2020, it will be available for all.

This weekend we’re going over the final version making sure it’s ready to be uploaded into the publishing platforms and then it is hands-off from me.

Currently available to buy are ebook and paperback versions. On major retailers, you can buy both, but you can also buy direct from me here on this site

The paperbacks bought from me are signed, and unfortunately, there are shipping costs. In Australia, we can manage those pretty well, as Aus Post has a set package price. For international readers, you can choose to pay nearly $40 in shipping if you want a hand-signed copy, or, there’s a digitally signed option. I’ve included a photo of what that looks like on the product page. That version also includes a personalised printed message.

Next up I need to update the wiki to make sure it’s 100% up to date with the final version of A Fool’s Errand, and then back into Book 2, Fool Me Twice.

PS. There is a hardback version coming too, I just need to see the final proofs.

Key Work of Late:

  • Preparing A Fool’s Errand for publication date.
  • Getting the hardback version ready.
  • I took a few weeks off the podcast until I am back into writing mode
  • Setting up some merchandise, including the Map