Author’s Log 0210.20

A Fool’s Errand is now officially on pre-order. My debut Epic Fantasy novel is finally ready to be read, and as of October 16, 2020, it will be available for all.

This weekend we’re going over the final version making sure it’s ready to be uploaded into the publishing platforms and then it is hands-off from me.

Currently available to buy are ebook and paperback versions. On major retailers, you can buy both, but you can also buy direct from me here on this site

The paperbacks bought from me are signed, and unfortunately, there are shipping costs. In Australia, we can manage those pretty well, as Aus Post has a set package price. For international readers, you can choose to pay nearly $40 in shipping if you want a hand-signed copy, or, there’s a digitally signed option. I’ve included a photo of what that looks like on the product page. That version also includes a personalised printed message.

Next up I need to update the wiki to make sure it’s 100% up to date with the final version of A Fool’s Errand, and then back into Book 2, Fool Me Twice.

PS. There is a hardback version coming too, I just need to see the final proofs.

Key Work of Late:

  • Preparing A Fool’s Errand for publication date.
  • Getting the hardback version ready.
  • I took a few weeks off the podcast until I am back into writing mode
  • Setting up some merchandise, including the Map

Cover Reveal – A Fool’s Errand

I am excited to be able to reveal to you the cover of my debut novel, A Fool’s Errand.

This cover was designed in 2017, and I have had it close at hand ever since. There has been a poster on my wall, a mobile phone cover and other versions surrounding me while I crafted the story.

Whenever I hit an obstacle in my learning process or was unsure about if I would ever reach the end, I would look at the cover, and it would help keep me motivated.

I still love it, and love to look at the poster and also the print proof copy sitting on my desk.

I hope you like this cover as much as I do. The ring is an integral part of the book, and the symbol of the Jester’s face is something that I had created within months of me starting the first draft.

That symbol can be found throughout the story as well as on a wax seal in my studio. We will be adding the wax seal to signed copies of the paperback.

Anyway, here it is.

A Fool's Errand Cover


No one knows the past, not even the secret society of Jesters who covertly maintain stability in Dharatan.

All recent memory begins after a now-forgotten battle that almost destroyed their world.

An amulet, linked to the very cause of the war, surfaces after 800 years. One of the most experienced Jesters steals it before it can be delivered to an unknown enemy.

In an isolated cavern, outside the small northern city of Barnen, the Jester lies dying. Lani, a young woman seeking shelter away from trouble in the city, stumbles on him in his final moments.

Now in possession of the amulet, and hunted by assassins sent to retrieve the jewel, Lani is driven away from the only place she’s ever lived and becomes entangled in events outside of her control.

More alone than ever and unsure who is friend or foe, she finds herself bound to this Jester’s world in ways she could never have imagined. When she is told she is part of a bigger fate, her journey becomes a matter of life and death, as she seeks to unravel the truth.


A Fool’s Errand is now available for pre-order on several retailer sites, I’ll add more as they show up. The current List is below:

  • Direct (it gets delivered to the device of your choice but I receive more, instead of the retailer)
  • Amazon
  • Kobo
  • more to come…

In my artifacts store, you can also pre-order signed paperbacks.

I’d love to get your feedback on the cover and you can see the map of Dharatan here.

Map Reveal – Dharatan

I’m excited to share with you the map for A Fool’s Errand. This map is of the main continent Dharatan, which is where In All Jest Book 1 is set.

The opening scenes in the story begin in far north Malamig, in a small city called Barnen. From there, the story unfolds, and the map should help you follow along as Lani and other characters move around.

The scale is a difficult thing to get right. Dharatan is a large continent that covers considerable distances.

While a small section of the original map has been visible for a long time in the header of the home page, I have had the design updated, and I am very excited to make this public.


I’ve lived with it printed up on my studio wall for so long, now it’s great to be able to share this with others, and I’d love your feedback.

As I was writing this post my copy of the poster of the map was delivered, you can see a photo of it below as well. I was pretty happy with my A3 version before, but this is fantastic. If you click through on the image below you can see the large version of it. Of course, if you’d like to buy a copy, it’s available from the Artifacts section of this website.


A big shout out to the two people that helped make the map happen. Tiffany Munro came up with the initial concept, and then Lauren Atkinson from Sitting Pretty Graphics, helped me create this final version.