Author’s Log 3008.20

I am now at just over 80% of the way through my final edit of A Fool’s Errand.

Out of the past six plus weeks this last has been the most productive and I can see the finish line.

Setting the release date has been another significant part of the last month as well. It will be available on October 16, 2020.

Key Work of Late:

  • Editing A Fool’s Errand
  • Recieving my first print proof of the novel, which was pretty special.
  • Maintaining weekly episodes of In All Jest podcast, I’m up to episode 9
  • Getting all my ducks lined up for the publishing process.

Author’s Log 2607.20

I’ve been working through my final edit of book one, A Fool’s Errand. It has started slowly but am now getting to build momentum.

Being my first time receiving an editor’s feedback on a fiction manuscript there’s been a lot of things to get sorted out in regards to how I process the inputs and move through the work.

This weekend has been productive and I feel that I’m making serious headway. I’m behind on my schedule by about 30 chapters but we’ll see what happens from now on it.

I also released my podcast about the writing process, called of course, In All Jest. Find it here.

Key Work of Late:

  • Editing A fool’s errand
  • Approving the cover design for Book Two.
  • Starting the In All Jest podcast, and I’ve now recorded and published four episodes.

Author’s Log 0807.20

It’s been a hectic time of late. A lot of fun as well.

Since my last note I became fully immersed in book 2 and was making some good progress. I knew that would end when the manuscript for A Fool’s Errand came back from my editor but it was actually really helpful to get me back into the world addressing new challenges and topics.

I received the manuscript back and I think I handled it well. I couldn’t have asked for a better editor, his process and delivery was so good for me. As this was the first time through this for a fiction novel it was quite a different process for me and I’ve enjoyed it completely.

Me being me I created a spreadsheet of everything he raised, grouped it by Character/Item or Setting and then reviewed each, adding in solutions or answers so I could address them all logically.

I’ll talk more about this in an episode of the podcast. Wait, what? Yes that’s right I’m releasing a new podcast about this series and my writing journey.

After my review and work we met again and discussed what I proposed to work on and now it’s head down working through the whole manuscript.

I’m on a tight schedule and putting myself under pressure to get the book delivered when i want.

Key Work of Late:

  • Writing more of Book 2, and loving the new scenes
  • Deciding on the new cover and title for it.
  • Getting my manuscript back
  • Creating a work list of fixes, discussing with my editor
  • Working on the manuscript of Book 1 for the final write
  • Oh yeah setting up the new In All Jest Podcast – stay tune… see what I did there