Episode 15 – Over the halfway mark

In All Jest,
Episode 15,episode 15, broadcast on
at22nd of january 2021



Welcome to the In All Jest podcast.

I'm Darryl, your host, and each week I take you on a hero's journey.

I leave my safe, normal world and face many obstacles on my quest to publish not just one but six epic fantasy novels. .

I hope you'll come along for the ride.

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Hey, there it's episode 15 recorded on January the 22nd, 2021. Right now, pretty much all I'm doing is writing, writing, writing. As I raced to finish the first draft of, for me twice, it's all about my word count.

Since Last Time


Well, I had hoped to be recording episodes prior to today. I just didn't quite get there, which means I did have a good break over my summer holidays, being away from my day job, plugging away at writing words. And I just never got around to getting back into the saddle and recording another episode. So here I am today.

Ready to get going for the year and to get the momentum rolling, and recording a full episode every two weeks and the in between episodes, which will have just the narration of chapters. What has happened since last time? Well, for the last few days of December, I ended up writing 12,344 words. And in January to this point, I've written 29,805.

So all up, I covered just over 42,000 words over the last four weeks. Which I'm happy about. I am very happy that I've made great progress. It's not as much progress as I would like to have made. I was needing to do around 2,500 words. I didn't always get there.  I'm now, I've allowed it to push out, it's getting a lot closer to 3000 words, if I want to make the deadline of February the 28th to have the first draft done.

The total at the moment, according to Scrivener is 119,734 words. So definitely been making good progress. There is a little hitch in that, that the number includes some chapters and scenes that were written originally, right back at the beginning, which I've mentioned before.

And as I replaced them, I delete them. So I might write 1500 words, and then I delete 1500 words. So the total isn't progressing as fast as potentially some of the words that I've actually written. And unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that. Probably talk a little bit more about that in where is the story at and how has the writing been going.

So where is the story at? Well, I've been developing my antagonists and their roles and all their different stories. It has been interesting, getting more involved with them. In A Fool's Errand, there is a lot less focus on them. They're conceptually there, but we don't see their stories from a point of view.

That has changed in Fool Me Twice, the introduction of the primary antagonist and the people around him. So that is coming along. Lani's journey has progressed and, I'm happily adding more complications, more instinctively as I go. When I wrote A Fool's Errand, one of the things I had to fix in my later edits was making sure that the obstacles in her path, the complications she would come across, existed in her story.

I'm really happy with where I got them to be. This time around, I'm more cognizant of that. And I'm making sure that that's part of every scene and a combination of scenes that I keep that very much in mind and I don't let the story get away from me. I do think it's a lot easier this time, because there aren't quite as many scenes that involve Lani on her own, or Lani as a whole, her, her character exists.

She's a primary part of the story clearly, and that will continue. In A Fool's Errand. We had a lot of it about her. I mean, a large section of the book was about Lani and her progression. That continues in Fool Me Twice. Probably not quite as many scenes as we had. And that's partly because of the other characters and the breadth of the story.

It's become very obvious to me how the breadth of the story grows. And I guess I know that from reading other fantasy series. But seeing mine as well, evolve, not only do I have the characters like Lani or Tillandra that have their own stories and they need to be expanded and things that they're working on or journeys, they're making all of those things have to come out in the story, but  the secondary characters and tertiary characters that have important roles to fulfill plot threads that need to be expanded on and completed.

They add scenes that make those things happen. Sometimes they're off camera, but a lot of them can't be a lot of them you have to experience and go through. So now we see more of Goran, we see more of other characters as they are needed to, you know, create that breadth in the story and to help the reader, see these different plot threads play out. There's of course, new characters.

And there are five new characters that have a point of view that I need to develop in Fool Me Twice. One of them is a Jester that we haven't met before, she comes into it. We have a student in the college, the primary antagonist,  that, I talked about and there's another character that I can't really explain.

I enjoyed writing him in the original draft of this part of the story and being able to go back and rewrite him again, redoing some of those chapters. And I will talk a little bit more about why rewrote some of them, but I really liked the way he's developed.

The last of the five that I've added is something different altogether. And I, I can't really say anything about that character. It would give away too much. Writing them in, took some work and I'll be making more of them as the  series progresses

It is something that I wanted in A Fool's Errand didn't really work there. And so I, I didn't make it happen then. I now have the right place for this to commence for them to come into the story and to develop that out. And I'm interested to see how that will play out. As I mentioned, I haven't kept up too many of the original scenes.  I've kept the storylines and what the end goal of each scene was,  what the complications were more or less, but I just felt I could write them better.

I feel that my writing now is much stronger. I feel that I. I produce better written word as my first draft than I did previously. And albeit that they'll get edited by me and then looked at by the editor, et cetera. I want to make sure that I do the best job possible in the first draft to cut down the time in the whole production of the book.

So I've been doing that. It's pretty natural that I would progress that way. I've become better. The more words I've written, the more I've gone through the process,  and now I, I've written well over 500,000 words as I've progressed along, probably closer to three quarter of a million.

So I have been refining how I do it. It's a long way to go until I could think I was an expert at it, but I'm better than I was 450,000 words ago. It's probably a good lesson to me, to not overproduce,  words in the future. This was a unique circumstance because I split the original book and these were leftover.

I think, it's easier to write from scratch. After so much time has gone on so much of the story has changed and there are a couple of scenes in this, that is still lingering around for a character that I removed from A Fool's Errand. So I will need to remove them from this as well. Of course I've deleted words as well as written new words.

So the total word count just doesn't go up as fast as I'd like, but if I write a whole new scene, so 1500 words, and then I delete one previously, that was 1500 words. My net gain is zip.  But that's just the way it is.  Interesting thing in the last couple of weeks, I've built a distance grid. Now you may be familiar with the, road assistance organizations, do them travel companies, do them where, you know, you have three or four cities on the left, three or four across the right.

And it tells you the distances between them. If you're touring around an area. I have this massive spreadsheet of many of the cities and major towns on Dharatan and listed them out in a grid. And as I measure the distances as I need to, I'm writing them in there so that I can quickly go back and see the distances without having to remeasure them time and time again.

And this is really important for me to maintain the timeline, being able to maintain the timeline, if a character is going from Callet to Diwedd and it's this distance and then someone else is coming the other way or going to be passing through Diwedd. I need to make sure that everything coincides the timing wise, that, things don't get out of whack and that is getting more and more complex as I've got more and more people in motion, in different parts of the world.

I just need to have something  to keep them. Yes. I could measure them every time, but doing something multiple times just doesn't make sense. And I I'd rather be writing. And little tools like that, help me maintain the integrity of my world. They helped me, keep it more realistic. Yes. It's a fantasy series.

I do have a little bit of freedom, at the bend time or do things if I wanted to, but I really would like that the integrity of this is kept, strong. The rules of the world are kept together. There's distance, riding, walking, carriages have certain distances. Are we, on a river?

Paddling a canoe. Are we on a boat.  All of those things. There are different distances that people can cover depending on. What method of transportation they're using. And I want to keep that reasonably accurate there.

And probably the last thing is just learning how to make my antagonists be people and not just the bad guy. Or the opposition.  I am enjoying making their stories real. I feel like I need to make them sinister or dark, but the truth of it is I don't think I do. They're characters, living their worldview, which they think is correct, and they're trying to achieve their goals.

And over the other side, I have my protagonist doing their goals and trying to achieve those things. The fact that they come into conflict is where they become the antagonist and understanding that and actually doing it is kind of interesting. And I don't know how well I'll have pulled it off until I go back to reflect on my first edit at it and see it all.

So I look forward to that when I get to it, but that's what I'm doing. What comes next? I just gotta get more words done per day.  As I said, February 28th is when I want to have the first draft done. I'm either going to have to commit more weekend time to lift my average or get less sleep or something like that, but I need to get to 2,500 to 3000 words a day.

If I'm going to get there a couple of solid weekends of five or 6,000 woods would help bring that back down again. But you know, gotta be realistic as well. I'm going to get back to the regular episodes on this podcast. Every two weeks, I'll do the full outline of where I'm at and the in-between will be narrations of chapters.

I've got to manage all the plot threads. I have notes and notes and notes and notes of this. Person's got to do that. And this person's got to do that, et cetera. I've got to do that. I've got to keep on top of the storyline and things that are developing, but really it's about writing more words and that's what I've got to do.

One Bite at a Time

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Episode 14 – Back in the saddle

In All Jest,
Episode 14,episode 14, broadcast on
at18th of december 2020



Welcome to the In All Jest podcast.

I'm Darryl, your host, and each week I take you on a hero's journey.

I leave my safe, normal world and face many obstacles on my quest to publish not just one but six epic fantasy novels. .

I hope you'll come along for the ride.

You can find out more information at kingdarryl.com/podcast.

Hi, there it's episode 14, December the 18 2020. I'm back in the saddle, working my way through the manuscript for, Fool Me twice book two in the, In All Jest series. I talk about how much I've written this month, the issues I'm dealing with. And of course, I'll narrate, another chapter of A Fool's Errand.

Since Last Time


Starting to get pretty happy with the way things are going. Since last time I've written 11,187 words over the last two weeks. Probably not quite where I'd like to be. I would have liked to have got over my daily total, which is a couple of thousand words a day. At the moment it's most likely around 1500 a day is what I'm working out as a net total.

And what I mean by that is. In truth, I've probably written closer to 20,000 words, but it's 11,000 nearly just over 11,000 words, net. And that's because I've deleted a large chunk of some of the pre-existing chapters, then rewritten them and manipulated a lot of the early work that I had already written over a year ago.

So I've written a lot, but the net gain to the manuscript, isn't quite at that level. Overall, the total is 80,545 words as of this morning. And I'd like that to be closer to a hundred thousand, we'll see where we get to in the next two weeks. It's good progress. I'm really happy with the writing I'm doing and just, you know, if I've got to make my deadline, which is January the 31st, 2021, that's the first deadline I have , to complete the first draft of this manuscript.

What have I been working through? I reshaped the first scenes of Lani, in Fool Me Twice. I needed to make sure that they were consistent with the completed ending from A Fool's Errand. And they are, there was a little bit of work that needed to happen. And the reality of how I ended up writing, Lani at the end of A Fool's Errand meant that the early writing of her needed to change a little bit. Some of her character or characteristics had changed a little or were more detailed and had more depth to them. They're definitely more consistent with the story as it ended. I had to work through,  each of the characters that are carrying through, into Fool Me Twice in a significant way, and looking at their initial scenes, some of which were written some weren't and then making sure that I was resolving or continuing the plot threads, that they were entwined within - what their storyline was and what that meant for them. And so some of these early scenes, as I've already mentioned, were written some time ago.

For example, Goran who's one of the characters, the definition of his character, and some of the challenges that he faces in A Fool's Errand were enhanced late in the editing process and polishing of that story. They certainly didn't exist in the early draft of these chapters for Fool Me Twice. So I needed to, rework how he communicated himself, how he thinks what's happening in his world at that moment.

Just making sure that everything matches up with the continuation from all the scenes prior, some of those might've been six, 10 or 12 chapters before the end of A Fool's Errand, but whatever those elements were need to make sure that they just continued through. I have been debating the opening scenes in the book, and it's not something that I need to resolve right now, , but I need to think about what the opening of this book will be, who will take the lead. So those of you that have read A Fool's Errand will know that each chapter in the book is a different point of view character. Or should I say that, a character is the point of view character for that chapter.

So there might be four consecutive chapters that have the same point of view character, but not every chapter is written from the same point of view.  The start of Fool Me Twice, I have several options I can, pick up where he left off. I can deal with some other key characters and have them start this book, or there's a character and a very important character coming into Fool Me Twice, on the other side of the equation, one of our antagonists who we haven't been exposed to yet in A Fool's Errand. And my early thinking is that that character might be where Fool Me Twice starts . But of course, I'm, I'm a long way from finishing that. How that works is that I write everything from the sequences they need to occur and the timelines and get that manuscript out.

And so I understand the scenes that Lonnie's in, Goran's in, the different people, what they're in and then allow those to evolve. And then when I'm editing and reviewing, I shuffle those into consecutive positions, make sure that they all line up correctly, the state and that day, how do they work?

As it is, I actually put the day of the story into the title of the chapters in the software that I use Scrivener. The chapter titles in there don't match the chapter titles that you see in the published manuscript. The first chapter in Fool Me Twice is day one, and then I moved forward from there so that I can align the chapters properly. And even though early on, I might write chunks of characters, say, for example, I'm writing about Tillandra. Then I might write, you know, day, three day, five day 12, et cetera, but they all might be stacked together. And once I get to the editing portion  of the work, I'll align them up better and then review them in sequence.

If there's three different chapters all on day three, I'll make sure that they're all working in sequence together. So that's that, but the debate about how the book will start is already started in my head. Albeit I know I won't resolve it till much later. I have a number of newer characters, in Fool Me Twice, not a massive number, but there are a few, and I've been reviewing some of their motivations and their backstories to just look at how they align with where the story is sitting right now.

In the early writing. I had backstory, I had history. I had plot motivations and threads and things. And as those have been enhanced and tweaked and adjusted, of course, I just need to make sure that they all still line up now that I'm revisiting them and making sure that I'm getting into those characters in the right way.

And that means even with my antagonists, is making sure that when I'm feeding them, when I'm writing them, that I love being them, that I'm part of who they are. And I understand clearly what they're trying to achieve and how they feel so I can bring that out. Really cool event that happened , this week I treated myself to a custom signet ring, which is an exact replica of the ring on the cover of a fool's errand.

So it's a silver signet ring, which has the,  in all jest logo the Jester's head raised off it. And if you check my social media, you can see photos of that ring- it is quite special to be wearing that and to be living that part of the story. So I guess I am one of the court at this particular point in my life and one of the fools.

And at some times when I'm writing all these words and driving myself to despair, I do feel like a fool for doing it, but that's all part of it, but it does feel very real having that on my finger and it looks really great. And I'm very happy that I decided to treat myself to an early Christmas present.

What comes next? Well, I need to raise the ante. I need to get up to doing around 2,500 words, five days a week. And so I'm hoping that the summer shutdown that we have in Australia being Christmas, new year and summer holidays will allow me to catch up on that. Just not having a complete time deadline to say, I really need to be in the office at this time.

No, I only got 1800 words done. I can chip away at it on the days I'm writing and do multiple sessions. If I feel like it was said there for a good chunk of time. I do write fairly quickly. And the new methods that I've got, having, the more of an outline and understanding what's happening in book two already is making it much easier to write, particularly if I'm writing fresh, scenes and not having to rework ones that already exist.

Continued plotting reviews and checking my outline. That'll continue. As I go through, I do have some additional research that I want to look into. There's some books and materials I've had for some time that I really want to dig into and get some more insight into those circumstances, which will help enhance, Fool Me Twice. There is a, a creature that will surface in Fool Me Twice and be part of the rest of the series that I debated in A Fool's Errand, whether they needed to be introduced or not.

And for those dragon lovers is not a dragon. But I want to make sure that it appears and the storyline works . I'm going to look to record more narration in between episodes. I actually enjoyed the narration in the last episode, the chapter I did. So what my plan here is in 2021, is that  every two weeks I'll do a podcast episode like this, where I'm talking about my progress. I don't think I have enough material at this point to make it interesting on a weekly basis, which is why I'm spacing it out two weeks. I'd like to have something interesting to talk about and how I'm going. But I am going to do though, is in the in-between week, I'm going to record one or two chapters and keep that, going.

So if you get into the narration and you're enjoying it, you don't have to wait for two weeks just to get a single chapter. I'm also mindful of the number of chapters there is, and this could go on for a very long time. So I think it would be a great opportunity. All I need to do for the podcast is now open up the manuscript, go to the chapter that I'm at and I can immediately start narrating it and record that. So that's what I am going to do in that episode.

I'd like to say finally, a big, thanks to Pamela Lund, a friend and colleague, whose voice you hear as the voice talent for the segment introductions. So since last time and also now a one bite at a time, those are recorded by Pam.

Pam has been,  very helpful doing those for me. I didn't want them in my own voice and she has a great voice to do those. Pam has her own podcast called not bad advice. It's just been launched just a couple of episodes out. I think you should check it out if you just search for not bad advice on your normal podcast platform.

And on that note, it's time for one bite at a time.

One Bite at a Time [00:11:51]




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Episode 13 – Book 2 has recommenced

In All Jest,
A FOOL'S ERRAND IS PUBLISHED,episode 12, broadcast on
at6th of december 2020



Welcome to the In All Jest podcast.

I'm Darryl, your host, and each week I take you on a hero's journey.

I leave my safe, normal world and face many obstacles on my quest to publish not just one but six epic fantasy novels. .

I hope you'll come along for the ride.

You can find out more information at kingdarryl.com/podcast.

Hey, it's episode 13, December the 4th, 2020. In this episode, I'm going to talk about the last two weeks writing progress and I'm introducing a new segment, which you'll have to listen to, to find out about.

Since Last Time


Well in the last two weeks, the book A Fool's Errand has continued to sell. I'm happy with the progress it's making, without large promotions or advertising going on. A number of reviews have been coming in. I've been happy about the reviews that people have sent to me. I've had some come in unusual ways, people reaching out a lot of people that don't know that I've found the story, or it's been shared with them, and they've reviewed it and enjoyed the story. Most of all, that makes me feel good about what I did producing the book and gives me the inspiration to keep going with the next stories.  My new phone cover arrived, which is the only printed displayed public version of the cover of, Fool Me Twice, really, really happy with it.

And next year, I'll love to share it with everyone that's in my readers group and follow me in the different channels. It's a great continuation of the theme of the first book cover with its own little twists. I do love it. Most importantly, writing commenced on Fool Me Twice. Book two of the In All Jest  series is underway.

So what did I do? Well, the first thing I did was I documented all of the key plot threads and elements that I need to consider for this book. A number of those came from my work with the Wiki. I had been creating lists while I did it, and I pulled out all of the ones that I felt need to be considered to address in book two that I may not already have thought about or already have in the existing copy that I've written.


Just a reminder, if you haven't been through all of the episodes of the podcast, I am about 40 to 45% through the first draft of Fool Me Twice. Many of the scenes and chapters that are there came from when I originally wrote my first draft of A Fool's Errand. When I got there, I actually pulled a chunk of the story out, moved it to book two and then edited and reworked book one.

While A Fool's Errand was being edited, I worked some more on book two, introducing some new characters and adding to the story and that all sat there for a while as the publishing cycle continued. So going back to it all, I needed to just make sure I had all of those plot threads ready.

You know, are they all going to be in this book? I don't think so. Otherwise it's going to be a huge manuscript. And I don't want that to happen. Some of them are going to go through to book three.  There will be some underlying ones that might continue on past book three into the second trilogy. That said, though, a lot of them need to be addressed, answered and weaved through book two.

So I need them all laid out really clear. I can effectively check them off, in the story as I go. So then I created a question map based around the characters, particularly, or some events. Where I looked at some of these plot threads and I asked myself questions, you know, what really needs to happen there?

What could happen there? What might happen there? What would get in the way of that? You know, what does this character really want from this? Who might be in the way, what might happen? What might go well for them, who might help them? And I try to just scribble down. Answers to these questions and really probe around it, so I create little, maps of content around particular characters and, or very key things that I think need to happen. And, before the last part, I then reviewed all of the existing chapters that I had written for Fool Me Twice. Some from way, way back, first draft chapters. Some of which I don't really like so much anymore, particularly the writing style, and others that have been done, as I mentioned just before, along the way.

I went through all of those and that took a fair chunk, about a week. The last two weeks was to go through them all, have my editing pen out. I did them printed and read through them, crossed out things that don't exist. There's a character in there, who was in there in A Fool's Errand. It's no longer there.

So I have to pull that out, highlight things that were inconsistent now with book one. Just little things I needed to go through and mark up, make some notes and add to this sort of overview of what I need to address. Once I'd done all of that, then I sat down and drew out the shell of the outline for Fool Me Twice.

And the outline is something that's, really to be considered new for me from when I wrote my first book to how I'm writing now. When I wrote the first book, it was  very much a pantsing operation. I did it by the seat of my pants. There were moments where I couldn't continue to do that. And I had to really think about it.

But most of the planning and plotting and thinking happened in the editing cycle for me, which is why it took a lot longer to do that. This time around one, I have the world, I have large components of it that will carry on through this book. Some new introduced areas. I have a lot of the characters. I know what's going on in the story.

And I actually know the start and the end of book two, because I literally wrote to the end of that storyline originally. And while there is some adjustment to  the minor detail of it, the main story is intact and it's really the middle of the story and the meat and the characters and their evolution through the story which need to change and some density or depth to the story. when I did this section of the story, originally, I hurried through it because of the feeling I had at the time that the book was just getting too unwieldy and too big and deep down when I was writing it, there were things I wanted to do with it, which I didn't do. Now as a standalone book or book two in its own right, those things can be explored further and there's a need to direct things that have to happen in this book to get to book three, which I need to cover.

So outlining it was okay, these are all things that are going to have to happen, shuffling them around so , where they sit in the sequences,  really getting clear on that, filling in some of the meat of that outline. So I can check it off my other lists and set that all up.

And then I started writing. Okay. Given that there was a fair bit of work over those two weeks. I didn't get a lot of fresh words down on paper. I think I got about 300 words. Not a lot for two weeks. Yes. You don't need to remind me about that. I definitely know about that. Not a lot. Definitely not on target.

But it was really the last day of the week or the fortnight writing it. I needed to put some words on paper. I needed to start off on something positively. I've done that. And that leads to well what's next then? And what's next is quite simple. I have a deadline of January the 31st, 2021 to do the first draft.

That's the timeframe I'd like to have the first draft done so I can then swing into editing. To have that happen, I need to write just over 2000 words a day, five days a week for the next two months effectively. So what comes next is me in front of the computer, with my notes with the keyboard, hammering out the story for the next, slightly under 60 days.

That's what comes next.

That's my recap of what's been going on, not a lot of detail about the story.  I'm going to try and make this podcast a little bit more interesting than potentially it has been. A little less worried about perfection in my speaking, and hopefully a lot more of my passion for the story and the things that interest me.

I'm going to focus on that. Now I mentioned in the intro that there is a new segment that I'm going to introduce. And I'll talk about that now. The new segment is going to be called One Bite At a Time, and I've always liked it, that little phrase. And it comes from a dear old friend of mine from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Papa T, who always used to say, you know, how do you eat an elephant?

It was one bite at a time. I carry that phrase around with me a lot. Even writing the novel, like you do it, one word at a time, one line at a time, one beat at a time, one scene at a time, one chapter at a time, one book at a time. It's one bite at a time. Well, how does this relate to the new segment?

Quite a number of people have asked me, when is the audio book coming out? And sadly, I don't have a timeline for that at the moment. Audio book narrators charge per spoken minute, as they should. They are a creative talent that deserves to be paid well for what they do. Unfortunately there's 202,000 words in A Fool's Errand.

And at this point in time and the sales cycle and the business, I'm not willing to invest the large amount of capital for the book until the series has a much bigger audience. So that's disappointing for people, and I understand that there are plenty of people that like listening to audio books. So what's the answer.

The answer is at the back end of each episode, I am going to read one chapter from A Fool's Errand in my own voice as the narrator. And that will be here in the podcast for people to listen to as they see fit. I am not a narrator by trade or skill. I'm not pretending to be. I hope that my love of the story will carry through the lack of my technical capabilities, the weaknesses in my voice or sound production.

And for those of you that want to listen to this story and want to hear me tell the story, I hope you enjoy it, but that's what I'm going to do. It will be a lengthy journey I might, because of it do more episodes rather than every two weeks. I might bring it through to weekly and depending on demand, it might even stretch out to two chapters in an episode.

But given that I'm not strong in that area. I don't want to overdo it. I want to record one store it, have it up here for you to listen to. And that's what one bite at a time is going to be. I am hopefully going to get a new little soundbite to put into the podcast. This episode won't have that. We'll go straight onto it in the next segment.

And I will read chapter one. A little note about the book. The chapters are all named by the point of view character. So chapter one will be called Lani. So when I start these segments, I will start with the point of view character name, which is the chapter name, and then I'll start reading it. You can follow along.

The first one will be clearly chapter one, there are 112 chapters, I believe, that we need to get through. So a bit of a journey, listen up, follow along. Hope you enjoy it. Love to hear your feedback and that's it for this round.

One Bite at a Time [00:22:47]




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