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Episode 17 – Who Died?

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Hi there. This is episode 17 recorded on the 5th of February, 2021. It's been a big couple of weeks where I've been killing people, throwing challenges out for everyone and digging into the past, as a Prince becomes a King.

Since Last Time


Okay. In the last two weeks, I recorded an in-between episode finally, as promised, which covers chapters four and five from a fool's errand. It's called episode 16. If you haven't listened to it already in the sequences, it is the episode before this one, I will be recording chapter six in the one bite at a time segment later in this episode.

Now what's my writing been like, well, since the last full episode, two weeks ago, I have written a total of 31,782 words. Which takes the total in Scrivener to 144,289. Now, if you're good at maths and/or been following along and checking out if I'm telling the truth or not, in the mathematics of the whole thing, the difference is a net of 24,555 and not 31,782.

And if you've been paying attention in the previous episodes, you'll know the reason why for those that haven't or new that's because I am having to remove some old scenes and chapters that I wrote right back when I did the first draft of A Fool's Errand, which became the beginning of this book or part of this book, beginning, middle, and end.

And as I get to them, a lot of them I'm rewriting or doing substantial modifications for, so my actual written words is the nearly 32,000 words, but because I pull words away and Scrivener being the horrible beast that it is removes them. I have only done a net of 24,555, but I am happy with the a hundred and more, nearly 145,000 words that we're up to out of the estimated total of 200,000.

If I am going to meet my February 28th deadline, it means I'll need to continue doing 3095 words per day in my five days of writing each week that I do. Over the last two weeks, my average has been 3,178.

So that means I'm doing okay if I can keep that up. But that is a pretty big ask. And. I'm going to have to push pretty hard to do it.

And I already know, I have some events coming up that are going to remove critical days. Like the next couple of days, this weekend I'm completely booked out. So I will not get much writing done at all, if any. More importantly, where is the story at? Well, the point of view characters that I've been working on include Tillandra, Lani, Goran, Clannack, Uksod, two of the new characters and a couple of others, none of which I can name at this point, because that might expose spoilers to you. I have been exposing more of the origins of the world situation, which means some more history has come out in different ways throughout the story. And each day I'm still having twists pop up as I work through everything.

And I do find that, intriguing, even though I've been through it before, how many ideas and story twists and parts of the character development just happen on page as you're writing them. It's not all clearly thought out in my head beforehand. Lots of it is. And the key things I'm trying to achieve, but not how we get there.

There's been treachery, death and of course, poor old Lani has mayhem everywhere she looks. I have done a lot more work on the antagonists. I said in, episode 15, how much I'm enjoying that process. And particularly because, this is not the arc typical dark baddy that we're looking at in that perspective and the way that we're viewing the antagonist, hopefully , will be as engaging as the way we look at some of the protagonists and secondary characters.

That's the goal. There has been a death or a significant death, which will hopefully pull on some heartstrings at the time that readers get there. There have been some magical developments, only small, but they are building in significance over time and they add to that breadth or deepening of the story itself. I got to enjoy using an element from A Fool's Errand again, in this manuscript to keep that thread going. It was an idea that a reader gave me. Which I pursued. I found a place for it nicely in this manuscript, it was a random comment from someone that was an early reader in A Fool's Errand.

What it did do was help me see how everyone views the story quite differently. And the elements in the story that pop out to them that may or may not necessarily stand out to me, the author. And I recall at the time I had absolutely no idea what this person was talking about when they described this object or group of objects. And I took note of it, looked at it, understood why that might've stood out and I've been able to continue that. And I have some plans across the series, how that will play out. So I'm enjoying that. It's just fun. Constantly still having to manage the timelines or continually having to manage the timelines.

There really is a lot of movement happening in Fool Me Twice. And more movement that's going to need to happen. And, there's just like a, a dynamic game of chess. People moving all over the board and keeping track of it is, is fun actually, because it's really making me look at how my story glues together. Enjoying it.

Cause and effect has been quite noticeable in the last two weeks. I've been really making sure that there's a reason for each thing to happen. And it's different to how I did it in book one and book one, a lot of that work happened in the, subsequent editing that I did. And it's like the way that I'm putting obstacles in for characters and challenges, as I'm writing each scene, really thinking about it in the scene, the cause and effect of just decisions and what a character does or doesn't do, and how that plays out is happening in real time for me now. And while I know I'll have to refine them in the edits and that it's actually encouraging to think that a lot more of that level of writing skill is going in at this point, so that my editing will be a lot less arduous in some ways, and really critical in it will be focused on critiquing quite deeply, whether it's working or not, rather than just gee, this doesn't work at all.

There are 18 chapters of original content that are still existing in the pre-work written work, which haven't come into this manuscript yet. So they live in the Scrivener file, but they're sort of below a dashed line. So I know the differences and as I work towards them, my evaluate and bring them in, and I did have one, a few days ago where I probably kept 60% of the general theme and some of the wording of it, but, others I'm taking the start and finish of the scene, the chapters, and then reworking it completely. So 18. --If they average 1500 words, it's going to be around 25,000 to 30,000 words that are there. And if I accepted all of that, as it was without much change, that'll take me up to 175,000 words.

And that really makes me a little bit concerned that. 200,000 words will not be enough to finish the story. What's the ramification for that? Well then getting it all done by February 28th will be quite difficult because if it ends up being 230,000 words in the first draft, clearly that's going to push out my word count and I can't do the maths in my head, but it might be for 4,000, 200 words a day, something like that.

I can't see me matching that. So what comes next then? Well, it's a sprint to the finish line. Not a sprint of just madness to throw anything down, but pushing towards that ending . All I can really do is stick to my writing process and wherever that finish line is, I'll get there when I get there. So if the word count, ends up being pretty close and I have a couple of great weekends leading up to that, I may well be completed by then.

But if the story requires an extra 10 or 20,000 words to come to its completion, Then, I guess we're going to be pushing into March, which I don't want to do, but you know, it's still a lot better than three months time. I'm comfortable where I'm at. I'm pleased that despite the new year kicking off and work scenarios and all of that going on, I've been able to get into my writing process and really run with it.

We'll just see where we end up. Really I've got to resolve some plot points and make sure every point of view character is being handled well. And that they're coming to the conclusions I need to come to. So that is what I'll be working on over the next two weeks?

One Bite at a Time

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