How do Authors benefit from PLR?

If you want to get a book for free this is how.

Man picking a book in a library

I love libraries and when I was growing up that was the only way I got to read. Every week almost without fail my parents would take my siblings and I to the library – at least that’s how it felt at the time.

And I loved it. I always came back with a haul of books to read ranging from younger books through to adult fiction. With my fascination with all things story I would plough through books week on week.

For most families, even in today’s world of discount and cheaper eBooks, it can be hard to fund that, especially when there’s multiple readers in a family.

Which is where libraries come into their own. Keeping in mind that the library of today is very different from the one I grew up with. Now you can borrow eBooks, audio books as well as traditional physical copies.

You won’t see me selling my books for Free, or giving them away for free, in a zero-price deal, it’s something I have very strong views on. And when there’s a perfectly legitimate way for anyone to read a book for free then why would I.

My motto is: If you want my book free get it from a library.

Why would I be promoting people to borrow my books from a library rather an buying them?

First, what is PLR?

Public Lending Rights, or PLR, exist in Australia, the UK and Canada. Essentially authors receive a small top up for their earnings through this system, much like musicians do when their music is played.

The money is collated by a central fund depending on the number of library borrows. So, every time you or someone else borrows a physical book, ebook or audiobook from your local library, or through a free library app, we authors receive a few cents for that borrow.

In Australia the total fund is divided up based on number of books an author has in libraries and rate of borrowing.

Libraries are a great solution for readers and authors.

I don’t put my books into Kindle Unlimited because I want to be able to distribute them to as many places as possible, and it means they can go into libraries, and I can receive PLR.

When someone can’t buy a book of mine, they can ask their library to buy it in. I’ll receive the purchase price for them buying the book and then PLR ongoing for any borrows.

Libraries mattered a lot to me as a young person growing up and for many people it’s the only way they can afford to read. So, if you want to get my books for free that’s the way to do it.

Especially with the cost-of-living issues occurring around the world borrowing the book from a library is a perfectly acceptable way to read my books for free.

Sign up to your local library, get a free library card and then download one of the free library apps onto your phone.

For everyone that already does this, thank you from myself and all the authors you read. Keep going, and don’t be afraid to ask your library for more books.

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