Dharantan Map Fool Me Twice Web Sml

Map Reveal – Fool Me Twice

With the release of book 2 in my In All Jest series happening on April Fool’s Day, it’s time to share the updated map.

The Fool Me Twice map of highlights a few more places in Dhratan as well as exposing all of Enderk. What is even more exciting is the interactive map that is available to complement this book. The link to that is provided at the start of the book so when you get your copy you’ll have the url to find it.

On the interactive version you can enter your chapter number and it shows you pins of characters on the map, in the locations they are. It helps to see where everyone is and where they move to.

If you click on the image below you can see a larger version of the map.

Dharantan Map Fool Me Twice Web Sml