What I'm doing now

I'm in Brisbane doing...

Editing A Fool's Errand 

  • Received manuscript back from Editor 1 week ago.
  • Heading towards a September launch date

Book 2

  • Working title is: Fool Me Twice
  • Had been writing a load more chapters for this until A Fool's Errand came back, is on hold until that's done
  • Fell in love with some new characters


  • Reading has been pretty limited right now, except for Derek Sivers new pre-book Your Music Your People which is a great read

Day Job

  • Haven't missed a beat this year, thankfully, we've been super busy through the pandemic and lots of new opportunities exist

Other ventures:

  • Had to hold off on pushing the marketing of our fun fitness brand:
  • Draft of the Website Planning Guide Course is in the wings


  • Waiting for new hardware to arrive to start recording my fiction podcast.


  • All versions of the book are selling well you can see more here


  • Took a few backward steps
  • Started up on my tighter regime now and starting to feel the benefits

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Current as of June 25, 2020