What I'm doing now

I'm in Brisbane doing... 

Editing A Fool's Errand 

  • Solved a major plot issue in Book 1 A Fool's Errand and working on completion of the book
  • Listening to podcasts every day to help me stay on the right path

Book 2

  • now that I know my first draft was really 2/3 Book 1 and 1/3 Book 2 I have a significant chunk ready to go.
  • It's waiting on above

Reading all the Non-Fiction I've bought before I buy more

  • I found I had 75 books I had either not finished or not read on my kindle
  • Decided to clear them before buying more
  • Failed - bought 1 more.
  • Currently up to 3/76
  • You can follow along with the Pinterest boards below which show what I've read and what I am reading

Day Job

  • Changed up how I am working for 2018 and going forward
  • Looking at ways to generate more from my writing as well as my businesses.


  • promoting and advertising
  • growing the sales and learning how to do that better in Authorland
  • you can see more here


  • New routines and schedules for 2018 working well
  • I exercise early 5 mornings a week, which is working well for me
  • Overall eating well
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Current as of 5 February 2018.