What I'm doing now

I'm in Brisbane doing...

Editing A Fool's Errand 

  • Racing to the deadline, it's off to my editor on April 6, 2020
  • Prepping for the launch of my first fiction novel

Book 2

  • now that I know my first draft was really 2/3 Book 1 and 1/3 Book 2 I have a significant chunk ready to go.
  • It's waiting on above


  • I've been reading a mix of fiction, crime and thriller mostly as well as non-fiction mostly related to my research on the novels

Day Job

  • After a series of pretty busy and stressful months I've managed to pull this back into shape

Other ventures:


  • Haven't done any new podcast episodes, still considering a fiction podcast


  • Published the workbook for the Website Planning Guide including a hardback version
  • promoting and advertising
  • you can see more here


  • Health at best it's been in a long time.
  • Lifting the intensity in my exercise regime.

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Current as of March 12, 2020