Why King Darryl?

When I set out on my author journey I had little idea about who I would be as a persona and the way things are shaped by algorithms.

I should have given I have spent my life working with web technology and data, and as soon as I started publishing my non-fiction I realised there was going to be a conflict in the way my name needed to be used for my books.

I have always used my name, Darryl King, for my blogging and work-related publications, under the handles of ireckon which is my company brand. So when I needed to differentiate for search on Amazon and other distribution channels I figured it was time to be a little creative.

My middle initial is E so the pen name D.E. King sprang quickly to mind and of course the play on words as De King was humorous if nothing else.

I then set out to create an online identity and sadly deking wasn’t readily available as a domain name given how close to decking it is.

I initially setup dekingauthor.com as the site for my fiction and had earlier set up an initial series site inalljest.com for the series. This became too much to manage conceptually with the number of sites and identities to manage, so taking the advice I give many clients, I decided to centralise a few things.

I had purchased kingdarryl.com mainly for the humour and as an option but decided with my series all set in fantasy worlds inhabited with kings, queens and of course jesters that why not leap in fully and just flip my name about.

Thus here we have it. Born out of nothing other than a touch of piss-taking, irreverence and the irony that in terms of writing I am the furthest point of being a king, I hope you enjoy the site, understand why we decided to brand it as we have and best of all like the things I am writing.

That’s really the point after all. I am lucky to have the resources to make beautiful websites but all of this is really about my writing. And if a few people enjoy it then that makes it all worthwhile.